9 Tips to write an customize essay that hooks attention of your reader

For any essay writer it is very demotivating if a reader review their essay as uninteresting. A good writer is one that manages to hook the attention of its reader from the start till the end of the essay. When reader finishes the essay they should feel entertained rather than bored and irritated. These qualities make an essay standout amongst all. Writing custom essay itself is highly skilled job, to make it out standing certain rules must be followed.  By doing a detail research we have work on certain points that help essay writers to hook their reader’s attention keeping it informative as well.

Know your audience

While writing an essay a writer must be well aware of the audience they are created. Their mindset. Your content may be very informative and unique. However if it is not relatable then unfortunately it is a piece of trash. At times it happens an essay is written for a certain level of audience but the data or format in it is of higher level. Thus your essay couldn’t communicate to the audience targeted. Hence one must have the understanding of writer before assembling the essay.

Heterogeneous reading experience

Nobody likes a predictable read. If an essay is too sad, too happy or too anything it bores the reader. No one will continue reading it if they will not feel curious along. Everyone like a bumpy ride. Imagine a movie is all go lucky without any emotional ups and down will anyone will be hooked towards it. Essay writing is similar to storytelling if the end is predicted in the starting why a reader will invest their time. Keeping a reader on the edge of the seat is an art that only experienced writers master in.

Make an emotional connect

Through their writing if an essay writer is able to evoke an emotion or establish and emotional connect along with a reader it is a big achievement.  That means the content and writing is interesting enough to engage the readers. By making an emotional connect one encourages the empathy emotion in reader that help them to relate with content.    


In first two paragraphs if the point a writer is trying to make is not clear reader starts loosing interest. It is very important to clearly state the point of view and tone of the essay in starting of the paragraphs. Maximum paragraphs and reader must find the idea that the entire essay is based on.

Create bullet points

When people search for essays on different topic it is obvious they does not read every essay that pops up. While scanning the essay upon seeing long paragraphs readers rejects it without reading the data. It might be a well-researched essay but due to it unappealing structure it couldn’t please the eyes. To make your essay eye catching and appealing to eyes one must create bullet points. That breaths the paragraphs but not the flow.  

Incorporate relevant links

Everything on internet is not true- and that is true. Just to fill up the data and meet word counts people often write bogus information. While writing the essay once should referred the evidence that supports the claims. No one in today’s time believe what they see. They need proves and clarifications. Once all the questions are answered along with solid evidences. One believes the claim and authencity of the data.

Highlight important points

As a reader they have certain questions in mind and as professional essay writers one should be able to answer all those. Essay writers based on their research address almost every query in their essay but how will a reader get to know. It is very important to highlight all the important parts of the essay to make it stand out and noticeable in the pool of words.

Well formatted

Online Essay Writing services in these times are popular as they know how to attract audience towards their essays. An essay is immediately noticed by the readers if they are well formatted.  An essay should be written in three different parts; introduction, body and conclusion. If all the points are covered in one paragraph it will scare the reader away as it won’t be able to find break points and seems to lengthy. Such essay gives perspective as the writer was uninterested and what can you expect from such writers.

Compelling sub headings

To make an essay interesting make heading that identifies every point discuss in each paragraph. Heading helps the readers to identify points covered in a custom essay. You essay will be immediately be selected by the reader, if they get to know that an essays fulfill their requirements. Small and attractive heading help in creating such essay. 

Writing essay keeping these points in mind we assure your essay will engage with your audience engaged and entertain along with well formatted data.

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